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  1. What is e-Stamping?
  2. e-Stamping application is used to pay Stamp Duty for both Non-Judicial and Judicial types to the Government. Main objective of e-Stamping system is to prevent paper and process related fraudulent practices, leakage of government revenues, and store information in electronic form and build a central database to make ease of the verification process. Citizen can get high value Non-Judicial and Judicial (Above and equal to Rs.500/- amount of transactions) both e-Stamp certificates through e-Stamping.
  3. What are distinguishing features of e-Stamping?
    • Facilitate general public by minimizing their visits to treasury office.
    • e-Stamp Certificate can be efficiently generated from designated Banks for above and equal to Rs.500/- transactions for Non-Judicial and Judicial.
    • Prevent paper and process related fraudulent practices.
    • Authenticity of the e-Stamp certificate can be checked through Web and SMS.
    • Generated e-Stamp Certificate has a Unique Identification Number.
    • Specific denomination is not required.
    • Valuation Rate of property is available publically.
    • Accurately calculate payable Stamp Duty of Instrument for each transaction.
    • Generate Challan 32-A for Stamp Duty and Deficient Stamp Duty/Penalty.
    • Store information in safe, secure electronic format using state of the art cryptographic technologies.
    • What are the steps to generate Challan 32-A?
    • Please refer to the user guide link available at home page for details.
    • How shall I get e-Stamp Certificate?
    • Citizen will generate Challan 32-A through web portal "". Citizen shall visit the designated bank branches to pay the relevant duty mentioned on Challan 32-A and get e-Stamp certificate on the spot from the same branch.
    • How to calculate the stamp duty?
    • For calculation of Stamp Duty please visit "Generate Challan 32-A" from e-Stamping application home screen and click on Book icon.
    • What type of duties a citizen can pay through e-Stamping?
    • Citizen can pay Stamp Duty and its Deficiency through e-Stamping system.
    • Can we pay Deficiency through e-Stamping?
    • Yes. Citizen can pay deficiency of Stamp Duty through e-Stamping system. Citizen has to provide previous e-Stamp ID for which deficiency amount is to be paid. In this case, only applicant information can be updated. Citizen can also pay deficient amount for Old Stamp Papers or Registries.
    • Can multiple purchasers or sellers be added on 32-A Challan Form?
    • Yes, any number of purchasers or sellers can be added while generating Challan 32-A through web, but only the selected purchaser or seller will print on Challan 32-A. “and others” will be added automatically during printing of Challan 32-A.
    • In case of no applicant, what information a citizen should provide?
    • Citizen will provide his own information in applicant related fields.
    • What is Valuation Rate of property?
    • This is the minimum value of property declared by Government officials.
    • Does Stamp Duty vary from Instrument to Instrument?
    • Yes, stamp duty varies from instrument to instrument. For details of stamp duty please visit "Generate Challan 32-A" from e-Stamping application home screen and click on Book icon. 
    • Can a citizen update the contents of Challan 32-A after online generation?
    • If Challan 32-A is unpaid, user can generate a new Challan. In case of paid Challan, user cannot change any particular and has to submit refund application under the provision of Stamp Act 1899 and Stamp Rules. User is unable to rectify the Challan 32-A contents.
    • Where to get Non-Judicial stamp paper of amount less than Rs.500/-?
    • Such papers can be obtained from stamp vendors as these are not being issued from e-Stamping system.